"​glass shards"

Hey, hey

[Chorus: 5h0ckw4v3]
Glass shards, yeah
Pull up on yo boy, I'm gon', go hard, huh
Glass shards, face all, yeah yeah

[Verse 1: 5h0ckw4v3]
Glass shards, murder them all
Flowing through like, I'm the boss, okay so you gon' go
Into the flow of the wind in the night
Kill that kid I'm a knight, yeah
Wanna fight, huh
Go do it right
Honestly I'm gonna murder this beat
You can't beat
I said you can't beat me
Triple X, tree
Fightin' thee?
Might just be
On the way
Imma, hit you with an AK
47 shots to your brain, brain
Okay like
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