Johnny Rain


[Intro: Johnny Rain]
(Yeah, yeah)

[Verse 1: Johnny Rain]
Just because I don't wanna speak right now
Doesn't mean that I'm used to you
Even though you ain't what I need right now
No, I'm not used to you
Girl, I know we didn't go so far, didn't do me like this
Girl, I know I didn't throw another heartbreak on my ex
Either way, I think we should hold off on my answer

[Verse 2: Johnny Rain]
Either way, I need for the K hidden on my wrist
You're not safe for me, I can't play when I'm on my mission
I start wishin'
I might miss you
Reason forever, postcard I bought like Richard
Please say it is, when you had all my attention
Why if I said what I mean, what I want different
Don't say enemies, oh pleasе, just cloud my vision

[Verse 3: Lauren Jauregui]
(Aah, aah)
Things have been different
You ain't consistеnt
Keep me around, water your crown
You know decision bout' round and round
And no worry with your diamonds and your money
I could give a f*ck about all that sh*t
Don't play me like you don't know me (boy)
After all that we've been through
After all that we did
All of the caring I did (huh)
We'll see where you'll be when you miss me
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