Triple Double* lyrics


Dro Kenji

Lyrics from Snippet


Fly past
She keep on talkin' 'bout her feelings, but ain't nobody ask
I never think about the money that I spend too fast
If you could let them b*tches hold you then you might just crash
Ain't sold my soul, I adore the money, hop up in this Lamb' and get lost
I'm way too high right now, I'm havin' trouble countin' it all
I know she need me by her side, I came in there tripping balls
Guess you don't need me
Crossed the line you know I never would cross

Ayy, easy, baby, I'm a player so I won't protect your heart
All my opps gon' need a prayer
Think they look, bless they heart
Latеly, I'm feeling like the mayor, but she bougiе than a motherf*cker
I know that I could probably take her
Can't any n*gga get a upper-upper
I pulled up for war and f*cked around and got a triple-double
She came with her bestie then this sh*t turned into double trouble
He was talking crazy, had to give that boy a couple knuckles
Pop out with extended clips and make a n*gga cookie crumble

I'm on top of the world with the whore of your dreams
Like, oh my God, she getting wild, she tryna suck it through my jeans
I get up in her when I'm home I think I turn into a fiend
I got a couple little shawties
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