All Night Long lyrics



Im Not Into You

Big racks turn it on
And I got my choppa on
She wanna f*ck like all night long
I be like yeah c'mon!
I be like baby c'mon!
Baby lets go to the moon!
In the brand new i8 Coupe!
In the i8 that bit New!

In the i8 this bit pushing!
You ain't no [?] n*gga, you a rookie!
No you ain't sliding boy we know you pus*y!
Ion f*ck wit that loud them boys can't book me
I remember the day when they put me in [?]
Slide through [?] now he bookin it!
That lil sh*t done got ya shooter hit
Yo b*tch cheating U better get used to it!
I went and got bling bling gettin used to it
I know that b*tch wanna leave but im used to it!
Yeah im thе MVP get used to it
Yeah, with this b*tch but just say shе just using him!
[?] with the gang [?]
Pull up, ill shoot from the [?] on some shooter
Glock on me and it came with a cooler kit
Glock on me [?]
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