" Smile! " lyrics

My wife came with a bussdown!
My car came with no keys in this b*tch!
I just scooped yo thot she an automatic bust down!
My lil shooter gonna shoot till the sun down!
If you can't suck me up, get the f*ck out
If we catch us an opp pull the gun out!
A lot of these n*ggas my sons now!
If we shoot the club get it shut down!
Like b*tch ass boy its a rundown!
Smoke me an opp now im 1 Up you 1 Down
Send my hitter through the town!
We gon send them bullets all around!
We gonna let them b*tches knock em down!
I heard she wanna f*ck im down!
That choppa leave a n*gga safe and sound!
100 shots you can't save him now!
That b*tch say she [?] down!
Fresh out the lot and i racing it out!
Wе catch an opp and we chasin em down!
He gеt smoked like Loud!
Im f*ckin ya hoe right now!
Baby he act like a child!
You ain't seen the racks in a while!
These n*ggas snakes like we be in the wild!
Racks they make me Smile
Whenever go fast it make me Smile
Money on me it make me smile!
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