​come get me [accusations] lyrics



(Ayy, b*tch)
(You know how the f*ck I'm rockin', man)
(Ayy, I would say, "Real Murda Worth sh*t", but I really can't)
(Shout out to Kylan, man)
(You already know how the f*ck we rockin', shout out Wop)
(Too legit)

[Verse 1]
Retaliation is a must and if it ain't, I don't know who raised you
He best buddies with the n*gga who walked down on his bro and faced him
Ain't never heard of that, that's outer space sh*t
I crashed the whip and got another one, and turned it to a space ship
If he want smoke, we could get that n*gga gone
He be talkin' on the 'Net, he be used to writin' songs
TSM K, throw it down and I'll f*ck that n*gga mom
Bro done p*ssed up on his grave, like, "Haha" (Too lеgit)
New car, don't gotta walk down, we do the drivе-bys
My Stop 6 n*gga get along, might call my bro from the South Side
Murda Worth, thuggin', b*tch, we gon' slide
Heard his new sh*t and it sucked, that boy need to go get him a nine to five
Lil' Jay gone stick him up if that boy outside
Lil' Dee ain't out the way, he still be sliding', b*tch, from time to time
He say his sh*t on ice, but it don't tell the time
They locked me down on the boot, but I'll still get a n*gga to slide 'round everything around this muh'f*cker, b*tch

(Everything around this muh'f*cker, ayy) Yeah
(We still riding with thirty clips) Go get some get back for your partner
(We still got them pistols, man) Go dig him up or somethin'
(When I see you, it's up) Catch him out bad
(And we know the real you, pus*y)
(Too legit)

[Verse 2]
We slide on everything around this muh'f*cker
He play around, then we gon' slide on that muh'f*cker
I caught one, caught one, then I caught another (Huh)
I'm on a Xan', I'm on a flat, turnt up in this muh'f*cker
I catch me a hat, but I want me another, uh-huh (Mhm)
Walk down on a Remington, shoot it, then pump the muh'f*cker
Don't respond, just come and get me, muh'f*cker (Mmm, mmm)
And if you do, you better hope you hit me, muh'f*cker

Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm (You know, ayy, I would say real Murda Worth sh*t, but I really can't)
Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm (I'm really just sayin' f*ck y'all, on some real, "f*ck it" sh*t)
Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm (Too legit)
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