I Didn’t lyrics



Ayy, real Murda Worth sh*t, I'm talkin' bout
[?] Rino, I did my sh*t, b*tch (Ayy)
Ayy, real Murda Worth sh*t

[Verse 1]
I ain't gon' lie, I kept it silent, did my sh*t (I did my sh*t)
I ain't did sh*t but tell them n*ggas, "Get off my di*k" (Can't tell 'em sh*t)
You ain't gon' beef with the snitch, you gon' get him split (Gon' get him split)
So tell me why the f*ck is I ain't hit? (Is I ain't hit)
'Cause I ain't did what they say I did (Say I did)
They just tryna make it seem like them n*ggas slid (Like they slid)
I did my bit, 12 took the phone and they ran in my crib (In my crib)
Ol' boy told, gave 'em all the names, told 'em how we live (How we live)
n*gga say I snitched on him but he turned himself in (Turnt him in)
n*ggas shift the narrative, tryna makе me seem like b*tch (Like b*tch)
I'm from thе Murda, b*tch, I can't switch (Can't switch, no)
G19 and it came with switch
Daro got robbed, boy, he ain't sh*t (He ain't sh*t)
How the f*ck he ain't walk down and hit? (Down and hit)
I used to up poles at Kan and make him sit (Sit)
Won't fight me but he quick to beat his b*tch
They don't like me but I bet they like them kids (Like them kids)
All that sh*t you sayin' fake, come spin (Spin)

You know, TSM K, PMO K, Double R K
You know (Go, uh-huh)

[Verse 2]
Real walk down artist, reporo got repo'd
Old boy known for callin' the cops on n*ggas so let's not get into Rino
"You the complainant" (Hell no)
Nah, b*tch, I'm the criminal, the one who did it
If I was the one who was snitching, you n*ggas would know it the next day, they be sittin'
But I didn't and they say I did, man, I wish they didn't
Like Kan, I get it, y'all be spinning, and y'all with it, and y'all sippin', I don't get it
Why they always tryna blemish image?
Why they tryna play me out my spinach?
They don't want lil' dee go send that scrimmage
Don't play with me, go play with your lil' kitten
Don't play with me, go play with them lil' children (With your weird ass, broke ass)

Broke ass
You know these n*ggas just for clout, man
I don't give a sh*t—I don't give a sh*t what they said
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