"War Against Weapon"

[Verse: Adrianswife]
My opinions are just as important
As those who were born before me
I know i am young but i know what i'm saying
I'm sick of your thoughts and i'm sick of your praying
Children are being slaughtered in numbers
Mothers and fathers losing sons and daughters
We blame the muslims and the jewish
Instead of the ones that actually do it
This isn't an attack it's an eulogy
In memory of those not living
A proclamation for the older generation
That doesn't understand the second amendment
Isn't protection it's a death sentence
The defendant's a gun and the convicted is innocent
It's ironic.. Isn't it?
A country more loyal to a law made in 1791
An entire nation hold by a hand that holds a gun
This isn't a war with weapons that will get the job done
Unless we do something, kids
It's time to learn to run

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