"No Cap"

[Intro: E1]
Project X
Anything Grrrrr
Why did Chicken try cross the road?
Does he not know that we roll with smoke?
Pop up quick, head back, toast

[Verse 1: ZT]
Tell the opps them check my CV (ZT)
You know I’m a chest shot veteran (Wet em up!)
Coke, crack, heroin
You know that my n*ggas got everything
Eman back that dotz on the nizz
See a bunch of kids tryna keep it peddling (Don’t run!)
AP nemesis, chestshot specialist
Farm or lane I’m wettin’ ‘em
Crash that corn like Anonymous A (Crash that)
You know that the gang’s too ruthless
Slap that wap till it’s toothless
Say you chill with them get executed (Deya)
And “I only chill with them”
Is one of the worst excuses
FG thats stabbings and shootings
B Road, done a successful booting (Bow)
If I listen to the voice in my head
Every day someone else would be dead
You know that it’s blood man sheds
Stab for the kill with murder intent
You don’t wanna get your grown ass drenched
Forensic suits in and out white tents
And since we crash corn at them
It’s tit for tat, this sh*t’s intense
We-wet him like Assassins Creed
I flee from the scene
I don’t watch man bleed (Wet him up)
Jump out on an IC3
But most man run when I see one (Don’t run)
I’m running from IC1s
That’s boys in blue tryna lock man up
On the farm block with this loaded gun
Suffocate the trigger and get man bun
Heard there were Jakes in the A
But I’m searching with gang tryna catch me a K
[?] tried to pedal away
So we took him to the Island Village Estate
Opps wann’ talk on my name
But when I do camp they’re not tryna stay
di*k that down she’s screaming my name
You’re lipsing her, tryna call her bae
My brother from Tottenham’s calling
My lighty from the thirds is too much stressed
But shout-out my prestige one from the 9
She’ll hold it down to the end
And I bored R1 in his back
Mickz done bored PLoose in his chest
And we used to be cool with them
Now they give verbal on internet
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