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I'll bun man's chest with f*cking bullets
Make him drop his f*cking sweets
Free Boogie B, he abused his shank
He shanked up Dottz and also Sneakz (He did)
I can't lie man love this life of stabbing out opps and shooting up neeks
So man bought these dots from kway, that's fatter than Chunkz, that's coming in weeks
Since man swung this blade, I just feel like keep on swinging
E1 needs to lack on his strip, I'm not gonna lie, his death bed's ringing
Tion Wayne needs to stop all the talk
If I shank his chest he's probably singing (Snitching)
And Rowdy wears fake Haus watches, coming like his trapline ain't pinging (Why?)
'Til this day man still get vexed, I could've killed Kamz but corn kept missing
My advice to a friend of an opp, you will get shot, so mind when you're missing (Woo)
D1's a child of God, had a gun to his head but it needed fixing
Lucky the hand-ting jammed, would've tapped it bare and squeeze like six in
I don't even know how to start
Wood Green, that block comes dead (Yeah)
Lampz got shot in his head, a minute later he was f*cking dead
K1 got shanked up badly, in an hour he was f*cking dead
I can't lie Yung S was active but the rest need to go to the bed
I don't know how these stupid Mali's had guys thinking they had us on ropes (How?)
We was the one who was smashing their cars up, shooting at skin, we had them on ropes (We did)
Jo' got ripped out his clothes, his T-Shirt's gonna need more than soap
The Mali's get B-U-N, S1's in Jannah, I hope he copes
This beef sometime gets long, especially when you're beefing stupid faggots (Faggots)
I love it when I do man wrong, I treat the oppers like infested maggots
One time they caught me lacking, didn't do sh*t and they had their daggers
Then Yellows got shot on his block, this corn right here just made him stagger
Jovan really got shot on his block
Lungzy really got shot on his block (He did)
Nembz really got shot on his block
And they ain't even thought about gripping their Glocks
It's sad how Jojo's rappin', pussio punk bro bun out his socks (Chest-shot)
di*khead yute was screaming out please but he should've ended up in a box (He should've man)
[?] got splashed in his face
Fat Jman also got bored
Reece got bored
Sav got bored
And K1 also been bored (Splash)
Sneakz got bored on the wing by Boogie, regardless he still got bored (Splash)
Philly got bored
Snypez got bored
And Carlos also got bored (Hahaha)
If I see an opp boy and he begs, I'll kill him I don't give a f*ck
I get a man bored then I pray to the lord I ain't stopping points been scored
Age 12 when I stepped on the field, these past 4 years I've seen blood poured
The Lane's been toured
The 9's been toured
And TPL also been toured

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