Gully (Peckham)

"HB Freestyle"

[Verse 1:]
If man at man slap and swing
Ying, if you don't get back get chinged
See me and the lights go dim
Off the casing and push that in
I came ringing off bells, ding
Please let me just get one twin
And man swung, ying
He should've showed me that he can't swim (he didn't say)
I know man that signed out
And I know man that don't think just ride out
If I get that drop and find out
Find out ride out bring that bine out
I know man that's in for slaughter
They ain't going home to see their daughter
And when man explore like Dora
See man run they ain't seen my borer
And it's true me and him were guys we're no longer guys cah he's from that side
And I've been to the paigon side but the paigons hide why they ain't outside?
I don't know how your bro can die and then no one ride have you not got pride
Slide, glide cah I hear one die
Still got bine in the ride with I
Swear when you know a man's mum it's different
When you hear that they got life in prison
Spin, clocked one of them man chilling
Spinning, cheff up a man while grinning
Yo, my mum raised me well, so I don't why I raise up hell
Countless times on the ride with bells
Trying to fill a man's eye with shells
I don't slap at girls
Man's trying to hit a membrane like cells
They weren't on when Junior fell
Now they wanna jump on like Vybz Kartel
Eugene always comes with chase
Trying to pebble that down 'til my lifestyle change
Yo, corn in the air, planes
No respawn cah we don't play games
First time that a man try set it off
I nearly shot myself like Cheddar Bob
Let it off, set it then set it off
How can I let him off?
Said what he said, he's dead can't let him off
Spin, spin, set it off
Got down Caps no cap can't let him off (ay take me in, ying dat)
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