Amir Obè


I just took a Xan for the first time (First time)
Hit me at 3 A.M. that's thirst time (Thirst time)
I'ma come clean just do my dirt time (Dirt, dirt)
And lonely ass waitin' for a reply

[Verse 1]
Ayy, used to swipe the Amex, it got decline (Decline)
Now I'm swipin' and I throw the peace sign (Peace sign)
Baby ain't no "Us," I need me time (I need me time)
I've got exes hittin' me for a retry (Ha, yeah, ayy)
Yeah couple popstars tryna be mine (Tryna be mine)
And I'ma play it cool in the meantime (In the meantime)

I've been mixing liquor with the tree (With the tree, n*gga)
Talking 'bout she love me for me (No)
After one of this (Yeah)
I'ma leave on the stretcher (Yeah)
I might pose for the still
Crop you out of the picture (Ooh)
Cigarettes to the filter
Drunken text say "I miss you" (Ayy, yeah)
Drunken text say "I miss you"
It still feel like I'm with you, woah
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