"Pay No Mind (Snoozer) - MTV 120 Minutes Version"

It's one hundred- MTV's 120 Minutes, I'm Kim Deal of Sonic Youth, your guest host tonight, and now, with music from his soon-to-be released debut album, "Mellow Gold." Here's Beck performing a song

Thurston Moore:
Right on
*High Five*

[Verse 1]
Tonight, the city is totally lame
Everything's up-tight and perky
The shopping malls coming out of the walls
As we walk among the manure

I pay no mind
Pay no mind

[Verse 2]
Give the finger to the Rock-And-Roll singer
As he's dancing among your paycheck
The sales climb through the garbage, pale sky
Like a ghetto blaster crushing the sun

That's why
Pay no mind
Sleep in slime

[Verse 3]
So get out your lead pipe pipe dreams
Get out your 10 foot flags
The insects huge, and the poison's all been used
And someone kissed their own ass by mistake

That's why
Pay no mind
I pay no mind..
Pay no mind..

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