Larry Birdo lyrics


YSR Gramz

(Enrgy Beats)

Brodie said the feds gotta catch him, he just dropped a dirty
Lil' Buzz just slid on the opps, he just dropped thirty
Brodie sweatin' hard, he popped a half a thirty
We got forty guns on one street, we ain't never worried
Thirty-three pounds in this crib, full of Larry Birdy
Everybody wanna be a shooter like they Stephen Curry
You don't really got that bag, boy, your ass a worker
Bro always in the club, he be stabbin' twerkers
They don't ever see me catchin' plays, I serve in third-person
Up early, 8 AM sharp, servеd my third person
Made five bands off Kylе Kuzma, I'm finna buy his jersey
They gon' think the feds at they house when we slide on Thursday
If I hit his ass with this Glock, he gon' need surgery
I'm finna run it up, I met a plug out in New Jersey
Why she tryna hit my bottle? This b*tch too thirsty
This b*tch already drunk, it's like two-thirty
Drac' knock the teeth out his mouth, I'm the Tooth Fairy
YSR Gramz, I'm the bag man
This weed ain't hittin' on sh*t, where the trash can?
That n*gga wack as hell, throw his tape in the trash can
My lil' n*ggas bad, they finna slide in an Aztec
I just wanna f*ck from the back 'cause her ass thick
Punch a n*gga so many times like I'm Cash Kidd
We could put the guns down right now and get your ass kicked
What type of gun you think that was? That was a fast switch
Get her hair done, her nails done, that's a bad b*tch
I'm in an opp hood catchin' plays, but I'm 'bout to dip
I can see the look in his eyes like he 'bout to snitch
Brodie said the feds crackin' down, so he 'bout to quit
Brodie throwin' big f*ckin' B's, he is not no crip
Just 'cause you got designer on, that is not no drip
Don't give a f*ck 'cause he got a gun on him, boy's still a b*tch
I always got a pole like I'm finna fish
Out in Cali buyin' a lot of 'bows, eatin' fish and grits
You gon' get hit in your sh*t, you better fix your lips
Bro say the stores hot as hell, you gotta hit and dip
All my young n*ggas head f*cked up, they on demon time
Unc' hit the dope and transformed, call him Megatron
My big bud pray to Allah, he on nation time
She say she got a boyfriend, I'm tryna break they bond
I'm goin' out tonight, the trap close like eight or nine
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