"Carnage (Man of My City Demo)"

[Chorus: K CAMP]
Hah, b*tch, I'm the man in my city (8-8-808Mafia)
I see how they playin’, I get it
I don't say much, but she with it
Young, wild and free 'til I’m finished (Metro Boomin' want some more, n*gga)

[Bridge: Travis Scott]
Got all the drugs you can handle (Yeah, yeah)
Blow all the holes through the roof (Woo)
Light up the sky like a candle
Flashin' lights out of the blue (Yeah)

[Chorus: K Camp & Travis Scott]
Hah, b*tch, I'm the man in my city (b*tch, I'm the man in my city, yeah)
I see how they playin', I get it (See how they playin', I get it, I get it)
I don't say much, but she with it (I don’t see much, but I get it, hey)
Young, wild and free ’til I'm finished (Young, wild and free ’til I'm finished)

[Post-Chorus: K CAMP & Travis Scott]
Yeah (Agh)
This goin' up in my sh*t
Turn up, hey (Agh)

[Verse: Travis Scott]
First off, just jumped off the conference call
Second on the list, we ain't f*ck with y’all
Built my own glory, I'm so awesome, y'all
Overall, I mean, you won't f*ck with my overalls, but
9AM, in the club 'til 9AM
Had to-, saw the coppers, fought them poppers in the end
b*tches poppin' bottles [?] 'til 9AM
Passin' [?], pickin' [?] 8AM
I done run up, up the block
They ain't n*ggas on the blocks
Same n*gga [?] cookin' up the pot
Same n*ggas-n*ggas poppin' with they tops
Same n*ggas since a Scott, same [?] young Scott
You need a knot, pass on, n*gga, get chalked
Roll one, [?] my ozone, n*gga, Mojo, sold up and ain't [?], yeah

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