"Pineapple Juice"

[Verse 1]
Back in this b*tch, she throw the pus*y, I bet that I hit
Roll me a spliff, shawty, she just wanna ride like a lift
Look who I'm with, the gang, n*gga, I hope you don't trip
b*tch, you know how I came, she fell in love with the drip
(Bobby, this sh*t hard)
Get it and split it, I f*ck up the city and sh*t
Give you the paws like a kitty, I am not kidding
No NFL but we blitzing, I heard that your ho went missing
Coupe got recliner seats, I like my hundreds real neat
Like to have sex on the beach, I fell in love with a freak (For sure)
I fell in love with the blues
Your shawty want me, just let the ho choose
Couple racks spent on my shoes
You know how I move, they watch like the news
I got the waves like a cruise
f*ck on the hoes by the twos
f*ck on the hoes by the threes

Look at my neck, VV
Look at my wrist, VV
Look at my fist, VV
Look at my ears, VV
Look at her purse, CC
I know these n*ggas see me
I know these n*ggas see us
I know my brothers my brothers (Woah)
Play with the goat, they gon' bust (Let's go)
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