Sagopa Kajmer


Chorus: They prey and prey on my downfall

This rat race is state run by politicians with myopic thoughts...
They don’t have the slightest vision
While the simple man’s struggle is the hardest mission
Hard of living, so he’s getting tired of giving
My rime’s precision, hit em with more bars than prison
They know it’s real, so everytime I shine they listen
I paid dues, give praise to the highest being
Please forgive em, for the way they got us living
Out in no man’s land where no man stands
And I seek the truth, cuz my eye is the global scan
My focal plan? speak with a local slang
Hebrew man, I think so therefore I am
Never hurt the hand that had served you well
Watch your mouth around snitches cuz they live to tell
So when g-d spoke to me - I learned from him
He told me waters run deep - so I learned to swim

Chorus :They prey and prey on my downfall

Now they got me walking in my sleep, running in my dreams
Eyes wide shut, but i can't evade the screams
Taunted souls, in dimensional limbo. 666 recreational symbol
From the center of the square i see devils in croix de guerre
Begging my creator just to listen to my prayers
Zombies all around us, scattered in the dark
Line em up in pairs, load them on the ark
Save of us from the floods of blood of the innocent, falling out in quiet thuds
Pen to the paper, so I swing like konan. Fear of god is in me, so i bow to know man
Drowning in your sorrow, hoping that tomorrow brings a better day, cuz today is like a hollow
Hologram, hovering above the clouds
Are you gonna stand up or just be another face in the crowd?

Chorus: They prey and prey on my downfall

No more tooth for tooth no more eye for eye
We just wasting lives and we’re and staying dumb and blind
Some brothers hate on me, some got a darker soul
Try to do me like joseph, and put me in a hole

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