Marceline lyrics



Marceline, you're in my dreams
I know you're good, you're good for me
And I get shy when you talk to me
Butterflies in my tummy
You and me tonight
Let's go outside and cry
I want you by my side tonight, tonight
There's no escape my love
I'll give you all my love
Tell you anything you want, you want, you want
And I don't know what's wrong with me
See you having fun when I am gone
I wonder why I try to love
And it never works, and it never works
End this painful life
Don't wonder why I try to fight it
You know why I cry
All the sleepless nights without you
I wish I was a kid
Back then I never gave a sh*t
Taste your lips
Do you remember our first kiss
Our first kiss, our first, oh
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