Intro lyrics


KrispyLife Kidd


Well fed
Krispylife, n*gga
Ay, World Fam- I think we gon' call this the intro
You talk to these n*ggas man
Well fed

I came back to Michigan smelling like a whole onion
Drop an opp, then we celebrate the whole summer (Yeahhhh)
I know you kinda mad 'cause you see the hoes on us (Clown)
I'm still the same n*gga, I just got the poles on me (Yup)
Not no clown boy, I don't play with n*ggas (Next)
So much money honest you thought we had our safe with us (Facts)
All black double R, I got the Wraith with me (You see it?)
Super wavy 'round this b*tch, like I got Face with me (Come on)
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