Tiagz (Tiagz)

Bonjour Comment ça va (Oui)
Parlez-vous bien français?
I got a lot to say (A lot)
This the life I chose, now this my time
This my moment, okay (Okay)
Tu veux parler maintenant (Right now)
Te bloque pas sur le temps (No, no)
I do what I feel, this my time
Put myself first, like I'm Amazon prime (Oui, oui, oui)

[Verse 1]
Mind in box, come out (Mindset)
Carboard made out of doubt ('Cause I'm scared)
Something to know about (They don't know), yeah
My thoughts misunderstood
Thinking I was no good (No good)
This was my childhood
J'étais forcer à faire quelque chose que moi je ne voulais pas du tout faire, yeah
Système today m'a bouché les oreilles, j'écoute plus mon cœur battre, j'ai souffert
Work in the dark and I'm serving the light like I'm Ezio Auditore in my frequency
I'm killing the game, temple by temple I'm finishing up all my memory
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