Bless Up lyrics



Masta fire
Tiagz (Tiagz)

Lighting up my vision, nobody gon' smoke it for me
Wah gwan to my ennemies I know they be feeling lonely

Bless up, bless up (Woo)
Bless up (Yeah), bless up (Yeah)
Swagged out, all out
Vibin' (Vibin'), I'm all out (Bless up)
Bless up (Yeah), bless up (Yeah)
Bless up (Yeah), bless up (Yeah)
Swagged out, all-out
Vibin' (Vibin'), I'm all out (Bless up)

[Verse 1]
Enjoy your life, okay (Enjoy)
My Life's a game I play (Yeah, yeah)
I don't want run away
I'm here to learn and stay (I'm here)
Positivity (Positivity)
Love is stronger then with that I agree
This energy charging my battery (Oof)
With all things around that make me happy (Yeah, yeah)
Sometimes that piece of venom be crawling on top my skin (Spiderman)
Thinking it's a power like a Kyubi that's built within (Within)
Using it to destroy making me think that these are wins (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
Feeling like the kings when in the end these are just sins
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