Bosozoku lyrics




I come on this song like the Onibaku Combi
Down the Yankee Road, Zephyr Kawasaki
You move too slow, follow the flow of the crow
f*ck the norm, f*ck this life, f*ck the power of the law
Ready of not, I'm the keeper of the race
Of the road, of my goal, I'm gonna protect my place
Heavy like a Stone, rolling like a bike
Live fast, die young, ready for the fight

I don't wanna grow up, ready to die
This life is tough like a rock
f*ck it, let me become the king of my block
One Shinigami, two Shinigami
Three, four, ask to the death who's your daddy?
I'm still hateful like when I was seventeen
They said I'd go nowhere, you know what I mean?

My English sucks but my lyrics kill
I take time to learn, now I've skill
Let's ride this f*cking sh*t to the world's end
Tell everybody that my friends bled
Forever in my veins, my youth's pains
Head down, the king is dead
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