f*ckitweball lyrics



[Intro: Luisss, BabySantana]
(Yeah, yeah-yeah) Ha!
(Woah, woah) Woah (Yeah-yeah)
Huh, huh, huh (Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah)
(Woah, woah, yeah)

[Verse 1: Luisss]
Yeah, I'm chillin' with Tana in Chicago, splur
Yeah, what, me, Tana, Fazo, Slump, we chill in Chiraq, yeah
Giuseppe put me on a plane, Lyrical Lemonade, know where we at, yeah
I got a white plug, [?] Cody, but his name Zack
I got that A47, f*ck up the K with extended mag
Can't do a song without Tana, without talkin' bout that SRT goin' fast, yeah
I got purple Jordan 1's, [?], feel like Johnny Gap
Wow, you got 1,000 plays up on SoundCloud, you wanna pat on yo back?
I just called up lil' Tana, told him it's time, man, f*ck it, we ball, yeah
Talk down on 1500, end up losin' yo life, yeah, it's onе call
Run to the bank and I stand on my money, yeah, I'm likе 10 feet tall
I got a bad b*tch named Jhala, but no, I ain't talkin' bout Brawl, yeah
These n*ggas be so square like Lenox, yeah, f*ck it, yeah, we at the mall
Stop sendin' me that trash ass music, yeah, I don't mess with it at all
Yeah, I keep twinuzis, yeah, shout out to Autumn, not talkin' bout fall

[Verse 2: BabySantana, Luisss, Both]
Yo, yo, Tana, what'd I say?
(I think, I think you said...)
f*ck it, we ball
Me and Luisss, we jump out the house
Boy, you a rat, I know you is a mouse
I got a shooter named Shaio, he stay on the North, and a shooter who stay on the South
I gotta drop her, 'cause she only want me for clout
Kick down yo door, put that gun to yo mouth
Shoutout to G, he put us on a plane
Shoutout Luisss, got three S's in his name
I feel like Slump, 'cause I'm hittin' yo girl from the backidy-backidy-backidy-backidy
Luisss gon' pull out the Wock, he gon' pull out the Actidy-Actidy-Actidy-Actidy
I put a blunt in the sky, and I'm smokin' yo packidy-packidy-packidy-packidy
I call up Xhu and Farrell, 'cause you know that's my slattidy-slattidy-slattidy-slattidies
Yeah, yeah, yeah! They know we ball ha-ha-hard
I'll get you gone for like 3 bands in one ca-ha-ha-hall
Me and lil' Jono, we laugh to the bank like "Ha-ha-ha-ha"
Me and lil' Maajins pull off in a spaceship, go so fa-har
Yeah, yeah, woah, yeah
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