6 feet lyrics



Yeah, uh
Yeah, uh
Go, go

Uh, diamonds all up on the chain
Got 'em bussin' out the frame
Better not play with my name
My shooter got a lil' range
I know you not talkin' to me
He must not be talkin' to D
If he is we sendin' him deep
Yeah, we gon' put him six feet
I done came out the belly, yeah, the beast
I done came out and went and got chased
Pockets so fat, them b*tches obese
My pockets so fat, them b*tches OD
Feel like nobody know me
Now, why the f*ck they wanna clonе me?
Hellcat slidin' with them rеd seats
Get packs slidin' when we in the east
Just lookin' how the boy Freeza
Colorful diamonds like easter
I came in this b*tch with no heater
I'm sippin' on [?]
Go 'head, roll me a lil' bit of reefer
I get higher than Wiz Khalifa
We get higher than a damn plane
I'm flyin' in the two-seater
We done came from them rags to riches
I done f*cked on a couple bad b*tches, huh
Walk in this b*tch with my swag on
They wanna know what I be on
Came in this hoe with the heater on me
Color that boy like a crayon
Then we gon' eat some Filet Mignon
I'm booted up, b*tch, turn me on
Booted up, yeah
I'm booted up, yeah
Booted up, yeah
I'm booted up, yeah
Tell her turn me on
Tell the hoe turn me on
Turn me on, yeah
Go turn me on, yeah
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