Payro* lyrics



Maison Mihara (Maison mihara!)
Brand new fashion unreleased that sh*t that prada (chyea, chyea)
Im coppin fits im getting rich lil b*tch i bought em
Say they some divas bring yo friends lil b*tch i want em, b*tch i want yuh-
Yeah, b*tch i get so freaky fly, yuh
Smoking on them runts lil b*tch im freakin high (so f*cking high)
Call up lanecey run up on you lose yo eye
n*ggas bite the swag cause im that f*cking guy (yeah!)
Dont be switchin on me with a bad team
I can't wife her but that hoe look bad to me
n*ggas always talking neva @ me, yeah-
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