Dirty Tay

"Cough on Da Ice"

What's happenin', Chi Chi?
Section 8 just straight cooked that motherf*cker up

[Chorus: Dirty Tay]
Say-so, b*tch n*gga, that's my vibe
I'm riding with the gang, I pick my side
Hit a opp, bought with his ass a slide
Some pets down roll, slay free my guys
I'm living my life, I just bought me some ice
I tripped out lost like a dub on the nights
I don't need much, n*gga, just ain't nice
(Cough, cough) I got a cough on the ice

[Post-Chorus: Dirty Tay]
Ain't check no tag, give a f*ck about the price
Hit me up, don't f*ck around, I'm in my flight
Went big up on the low sh*t, happen all night
If I ever go broke, I gotta pawn this stripe
Hopped on Rollie, keeping it nice
I keep going up, and this sh*t get nice
I been haulin' all player, probably never ever had a wife
I probably been watching till I turn into a diet

[Verse 1: Lil Dan]
I done broke the b*tch high, she then damn near lost hear mind
I done gave the streets apart, I done get sh*t out of my time
These n*ggas wanna rap, they lyin', I got a Draco, 459
And they spunnin' every cut that I dry
Catch you lackin', god-damn, they lied
Shorty in the trap, lay low, gettin' paid
I can make twenty racks [?] these jakes
I don't know what time I served my place
Times are hard and life's okay
So my dog wanna move on me, I'm [?] my face
Playing out cold it's how we play
[?] all cool, 'til it hit my safe
And we all keep tools, they [?], they safe (No lie)
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