"10% Dis"

Intro: Pretty Boy (Foxy)
(That's right)
(And it's on)
Ayo Fox check this out yo
(That's right)
I been hearin all these b*tches talkin this bullsh*t
You know they done f*cked up now
You know they done f*cked up now

[Verse 1: Foxy]
You wanna be this b*tch
Have a n*gga like Jigga and cop the 6
BK where the b*tches be
f*ckin for kicks
And after e'ry Foxy record be gettin' they pus*y licked
On some hustle type sh*t
I'm sayin
If this rap sh*t flop
I'll sling the pus*y like
Screw this rap sh*t
And you mad rapper b*tches
Cuz I'm half yo age
Spit like 8 bars on some sh*t
That'll double ya pay
Ya'll confused ass chicks
Now is you straight
Or is you gay
Now that's ya business
You like pus*y
Ain't no more to say
That's some bullsh*t
Na Na gone get mo sick
When my dogs ship harder
And talk mo sh*t
Debut at number one
Never second to sh*t
Ya'll know I'm bout that doe
I ain't stressin that sh*t
Went double platinum on ya'll b*tches
On some R&B sh*t
Now got to flip on ya'll hoes
Take it back to this thug sh*t

[Interlude: Pretty Boy]
Yea Fox
Now that's the sh*t I'm talkin about
That's the sh*t I'm talkin about
That's that Brooklyn sh*t
Ayo this is Pretty Boy Fox
Ayo you got sumin else to tell em Fox?
What up?

[Verse 2: Foxy]
I can't call it
But this rap sh*t
Got me bout to get spastic
And spase out
Straight like that
My flows attract riches
Ya'll just gettin ice b*tches
Been doin this for years
And just gettin nice b*tches
Each ya'll got the nerve to cop a Land in '98
When I see ya'll got a Nav to great ya'll
It's a leason I'mma teach ya'll
Fox'll eat ya'll
Been doin this Tito sh*t
Since Ain't No n*gga hit ya'll
60 weeks on the chart
To do what my first week sold
And I know my sh*t
You ain't platinum you're white gold
Watch ya whole sh*t flake up
Ya'll going broke hoes
Need to switch up
Stack the cake up
But f*ck wit Jacob

[Interlude: Pretty Boy]
Hold on
If ya'll don't know who Jacob is
That's that cat in the Diamond District
That sell Fox all her rollies
Hold on hold on
Yo Fox tell them what's goin down Fox
Tell them

[Verse 3: Foxy]
It's about to go down
For the showdown
You real on it
Can you but a half a mil
And ya deal on it?
n*ggas keep yappin that lame sh*t
And I'm snatchin erything you claim
Plus erything I came in
It's the set off
Put ya bet off
Switchin and sayin in '98
With the sh*t that I'm bringin
Face off
Bring the safes I'm about to blaze one
Like me BK dogs
Oh Tre ones

[Outro: Pretty Boy]
Sounds good yo
Strike ya match
We stike it right back
It ain't personal
But if you wanna take it like that
f*ck it
That's my fam yo
Dom Po
Fox Brown
We straight like that yo

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