[Intro: Saturn]
Heaven or Hell? Duel one!
Let's Rock! (What? What? What? What? What? What?)
(What? x∞)
That's what I mean!

 Woah oh oh, woah oh
Woah oh oh, oh, oh
Woah oh oh, oh, oh

[Verse 1: Saturn]
I'm grinning, my teeth hurt
I wasn't what she wanted, oh, ah oh
I'm on the bleachers
B-But I know she gon' play this in her speakers
Oh, ah oh, I didn't need her
Two steps to my left, that's fine
Double track three times, then you're in my sight
I see you over there with those magnum eyes
I'ma take my sons off to paradise
Open text, I'm inefficient, I couldn't listen
And everyone around me got a different f*cking mission
It's a headache, I'll make 'em pay for messing with my vision
They tryna be my friends like they was not the ones who did it
I feel like a secretary, I'm counting digits
I'm taking all these calls, so I'ma be there in a minute
Getting scary, my mirror's different, I won't admit it
A fairy, I need my wishes, I want to get it on my own
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