"What’s The Time"

[Chorus: Aidcot]
Pull up with a lamp, lil shawty in the trap
Two tone on my patek and my approval with a stamp
I be flexing with my wrist and stay flexing with a stick
Turning up like it's crazy you know all my homies lit
Supreme on my lap and you dissing with a cap
Never work the 9 to 5 that'll never do you right
Beamer feeling like I'm flying, for my dogs I'll keep a lie
Shawty asked like what's the time, I don't know the time is mine

[Verse 1: Edrictheperson]
I got that cash flow
Bank roll
Ice from the North Pole
Got thotties
Got hotties
You name it I got it
Stop playing
I’m saying
My ice heavy weighing
To Jesus I’m praying
For bags I be chasing
I’m chasing the money
You know I stay stunning
Catch 1 2 3 bags and you know I stay running
I’m going
And I ain’t stopping
Hoe, on my right while I be driving she be topping
Don’t, give a f*ck about the price while I be shopping
Main, give a f*ck about my sides but I ain’t trippin
Never on my lonely vibe can never catch me simping
Bangers back to back my lyric choppa it be hitting
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