"How Good It Feelz"

The love that you have for me I don’t deserve but you’re giving it still
Yeah it’s true
Let’s go

[Verse 1: Sevin]
Jehovah please take over my muddy sight
You bloody right go ‘head makeover my ugly life
Need you to open up our hearts like a T-top
Drop to our knees we flop
Vlade Divac
I hardly care how you do it
Just conform me here
Fight for the prize
Christ to my eyes - Cartier
MOB’d out draped in purple
We call it Barney here
Either that or I’m loading straps in my army ware
I’m free to fight so I fight to be free
Because righteously I have the right to be me
Yeah, huh
Because you died for my shortcomings
Life got me runnin’ to the judge
Court summons, huh
It feels good to know grace abounds
Blessings fall we sniff em out
Basit hounds
Wait I mean Basset Hounds
Ask around
Christ saved ‘em he’s ready
Lay his casket down
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