"Destroyer (Samoa Joe) [Remix]"

You and I are simply nothing alike
Don't compare me to y'all
I'm getting tired of coming out and embarrassing y'all
Naw, I'm lying, too excited, truth be told, I just thrive on it
Competition I'm crushing, this is what I've wanted

You started running your mouth, well this' what it comes to
Now you're just somebody that Samoa's gotta run through
I just hit 'em with that one, two
Watch ya body fall onto the mat
And leave you lying in your jumpsuit

You played yourself and found yourself
In all the baddest places
I ain’t here to give you compliments and admiration
Boy you said you was a champ, but you exaggerated
I’m aggravated
Cause they keep giving you shots, you clearly ain't a redeemer
Top spot status, you still a underachiever
Why you're still around? Well, really, I don't know either
But I promise I'll put you down, get ready for the coquina

I looked in the eyes of the beast, and I never shuddered
Yeah, you built the house, but you ain't cleaning out the gutters
This landscape is cluttered
And clearly, you ain't getting it
Tell me are you focused, or leaching off of the benefits?
What goes up, comes down crashing
Laying waste to all the talent, all these verbal assassins
Cause the talking don't mean nothin if the fists don't work
Lay you out with one of these, I promise this gon' hurt
I have no problem
Exposing you as a fraud
Showing you ain’t never been nothing close to a god
Telling everybody that you’re the best in the world
But, you’re living in mine, so it’s all just a façade
Step aside
I ain’t like any one of these guys
They claiming to be a winner
But play for the other side
You've got a lump in your throat
There's nowhere for you go
I'mma put you down slow, so you know
I go by the name of

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