Chippewa lyrics


Meechy Baby

Uh, huh, went to jail

I went to jail and bonded out on the same day
Bonded out, went back to jail on the same day
They took a quarter, I brought a quarter on the same day
In the middle of Mississippi, I'm traveling, I'm on the interstate
On my way to Florida, but this car had got a Georgia plate
Can't sell dope forever, I'm investing up in real estate
Got a thousand R's and four cars on the interstate
Got ten thousand in bars, plus AR's on the interstate
If they catch us, know we goin' federal, these charges ain't goin' state
They dropped my federal charges, but I'm still dealing with the state
On the phone with my lawyer, I talk to him like everyday
I'm fighting three gun charges, my momma telling me to have faith
How the f*ck I'ma have faith? They're tryna throw my life away
I just came home, did four years for the state, uh
I'm road running, Meechy Baby, state to state, yeah
You know I'm robbin' state to state, you know I'm jackin' state to state
You know I bought this Heroin brown, I turned it grey, yeah
Icytol, Manytol, I can hit it in your face, yeah
Tryna stay away from this Fentanyl, they been dying everyday, yeah
I'm just here with too much Fentanyl, smoker died in my face
Xanax bars ran out of Fentanyl, so I hit it with the H
Yeah, I ran out of Xanax bars, Tylenol, I hit it with the H
In the Cutlass with my tester, I'm like who'll die today?
Ridin' 'round with dudes in the North, ain't tryna go to jail today
Meechy Baby, brought this heroin brown, I turned it grey, yeah
You know I turned it grey, yeah
Ridin' 'round with my tester, hope he don't overdose today
Hope he don't overdose today, yeah
Knock at my door at five in the morning, then I told that boy that we out
He got to flashin', all in his feelings, know I told that boy to get lost
Heroin all grey, don't do no soft, you know this sh*t hard
Yeah, water mixed with vinegar, you know I turned that sh*t hard
Told him, "Meet me right on Plank Road", don't catch no sales on Chippewa
Green flags, 4K Trey, you know we been 'bout war, huh
Like I step on raw, my lil' shooter a stepper
Catchin' sales on Missouri Street, that's all we live for
Pass down this b*tch doin' all that flashing, you won't make it far
Threw shots in front my grandma house, for my grandma house, we sellin', boy
For my grandma know I'm sellin', boy
And for my grandma, we done went to war
And for my grandma, we done put down law
No feelings, know my feelings lost
Call my phone before you pullin' up, you know that p*ss me off
Got some heroin too stepped on, but we still gon' get it off
Brave Team watching Missouri Street too hard, you know we switch the route
No hand-to-hand transactions, throw the money out when you be pulling off
Heroin got too much Fentanyl, might overdose and close out
Told him, "Meet me right on Plank Road", don't catch no sales on Chippewa, yeah-yeah-yeah
Don't catch no sales on Chippewa, yeah
Don't catch no sales on Chippewa, ayy
Don't catch no sales on Chippewa, yeah
Don't catch no sales on Chippewa
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