Wax Mustang


(oh man)
Oh man this that rocks at the window, love letter for the powerball baby
(oh man)
(oh man)

Runnin' away from the party, I'm taking my chances in backseat (oh)
For the powerball, we could do it all with the man's cheats (aight)
Put some Whitney on, know its game time if she sing along, man
And just when it couldn't get better she talk in my ear sayin "you got the cheddar" (aghhh)
You got the juice, view after buys in the booze and the booth
You talkin' and walkin' the right way
Sun-down on the highway, know the feeling baby
Looking for love to me somethin' more, talkin' that murder on dancefloor
Take the pants off it's a chainsaw
Big beef, make 'em pay for it
Should make 'em wait for it
But sh*t, I can't wait more
Got a heavy heart with the strings loose
Such a sweet tooth, such a sweetheart (oh man)
(ah) I'm back in my bidness again, the back of the building I see you with him (oh)
You said you were friends so why you want me to walk in now?

If it wasn't for you oh, we could be in love
(we do it all for the powerball baby, but you know)
If it wasn't for you oh, we could be in love
(it's a damn shame, it's a damn shame)
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