I've seen some better days, I've seen some better days woah
I need to elevate yo
Oh yeah, oh boy this sh*t bangin'

I've seen some better days
I need to elevate
Smoke on the gas 'till I meditate
I never hesitate
Always gon' celebrate
People so fake so I speculate
Please do not talk or I escalate
I use my music to medicate
I use my music to get to a better place
Hop in the Cadi' no Escalade
I told my mom imma [?] (yuh, yuh)

[Verse 1]
I'm puttin' food on my plate
I can not fold on no fakes
I can not care what they say
I [?]
I need a 'Rari or Wraith (damn, damn)
I cannot tell you how long I've been waitin'
All for the money you know I've been achin'
One of these days yeah I swear I'll be famous
b*tches be switchin' I swear that they shameless
I need the dough, I need the cash
I gotta go, like goin' fast
They want the smoke, yeah I just laugh
[?]'s a hoe, sendin' her back (sending' her back)
I'm sendin' her back to her friends
I cannot f*ck with them makin' me [?]
[?] hit her [?]
I tell her draw it like all of my [?]
[?] these hundreds [?] out of my
[?] told me "Aiden you got to invest"
I'm feelin' blessed
There ain't nobody I gotta impress
This just some sh*t that I need off my chest
Lately I'm winnin' they still gonna talk
Haters they're watchin' my moves they go hard
I'm doin' this one for all of my dogs
I make a record you know that it's hot
12 on the dash and I never get caught
Fill up the stage yeah I fill up the lot
Might get a yacht
I need a [?] who [?] I'm a boss
This one I'm caught
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