Zee Stack

"Essence freestyle"

You couldn't tell me ‘bout the struggle
All my life I had to hussle
Told that b*tch that she should shuffle
Old school it was a scuffle
Now I’m rolling with my knife
It's dotties in the ride
You couldn't step into these Nikes and see a different side to life
Can’t afford to slide, I get the grub and then it flies
And I can't hesitate to buy when it's drought that sh*t is dry
n*ggas switching up the price and I'm just billing up my line
Kittens all in line at the cash point like it's mine
My n*ggas doing time ‘cos they really did the crime
Couple trappers, couple slimes, watch the carb and magic bind
While answering my line, taking orders like a sign
I can't take another L, it's hella Yola in the scale
n*ggas pray to see me fail, that's ’cos their Lizzies like a snail
And I’m getting to the bag, in the German with a slag
So them bummy n*ggas mad, TBH it's kinda sad
Eating food and smoke a fag; I can’t kick it with a slag
I buss my nut and call a cab
n*ggas talking what they had, and I'm just living for the present
n*ggas silent in my presence
Link my yougen for some essence
Told my n*gga that we're legends
Jail taught me couple lessens, he'll be fresh home in a second
Louis Vuitton for when I’m stepping, 6 shells all in my weapon
Teach these little kids a lesson, I ain't tryna get arrested
For my mum that sh*t's depressing, any problems man address it
Cuzzy use call me Joobie, straight drop this ain't no cookie
n*ggas chilling in the bookies, man can never call me rookie
Spend that profit on a spin, put that solid in the cling
Send a message to the kitts, consistent with my sh*t
I'm just flipping till a brick, I'm still in and out the whip
Set back a couple racks
Nothing close to what I stack
Night shift I'm with the cats, window looking like it's caj
Got my so called n*ggas mad, real n*ggas going ham
Me and Bundles got a plan, 3' Bingy out the can
I ain't relying on no gyal, I put my all into this rex
And watch the feedback off a text
When it's slow a n*ggas vex
Don't follow in my steps
Most days a n*gga's stressed
Feeling like I'm going left, but I know I'm flying straight
And I ain't out of my estate
All I know is buy and save
VS stones all in my teeth
n*ggas frozen when I speak
I'm the culture to the streets
This dotty's XL, I come with loads of different teeth
So I can't take stops
Leave the high road taped off, I'm just tryna make prof
All I know is weigh soft, or I turn it to some double
With this magic and some muscle
Man the come up was a struggle
All my life I had to hussle, sh*t was firm and I was broke
Now I'm running through this coke
Mummy told me that I'm mad, cah my jacket cost a bag
And I never need my dad
I'm thankful for the cats for contributing to my stack
Little miss could have a back she better hold onto this wap
Pray my n*gga ain't a rat
He won't change over a rack
Count my blessings like it's cash, stuffing thousands in my stash
Before I even bought a mash
Persistent through the drought and I ain't in it for the clout
I spent a killing on my mouth
Christmas bussed a down then I got back on my round
I'm supplying half the town, hoping that she'll hold it down

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