Voice Memo 1 lyrics



[Nayeon, Mina]
“It's really hard to just watch ONCE.
- You're right! One-sided love is always heartbreaking.
- What can I do to make ONCE know my feelings?
- Nayeon, I think love is the thing that we should do. “Like a bulldozer!”
- That is what I really need to hear now.
- Right! If you just keep thinking and studying love, you won't be able to tell your feelings to ONCE.
- No! That's too sad to think! I really want to tell my feelings, although it doesn't turn out well.
- Great! Then, let's burst together.
- Okay! I made up my mind. I'm going to confess my love to ONCE.
- You can do this! I'm always by your side.
- Right! I'm absolutely prepared now.
- Let's go find ONCE.”
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