Voice Memo 4 lyrics



[Jihyo, Tzuyu]
“Tzuyu! What do you think love is?
- Uhm, about expressing care for each other. What about you, Jihyo?
- You remember how we studied love in “What is Love”? There are lots of different types of love.
- Yes! Sometimes, you fall in love in first sight.
- And want to be together whenever you're feeling down or happy.
- You also miss that person so, so much.
- Hey! This is exactly how I feel towards that person.
- Hmm? That person?
- I actually am in love with someone.
- What?! Really? Oh my God, who is this person? What's this person's name?
- The name is ONCE and this person likes candy and jelly!
- Oh, every person I've seen who likes sweets are wonderful.
- I want to study more about ONCE and love.
- I'll help you by your side.”
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