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[Intro: 1oneam]
(Yeah) Ha-ha

[Verse 1: 1oneam]
b*tch-b*tch stay quiet, don't say something (Are you f*ckin' stupid or something?)
Blowin' on gas, this sh*t in my lungs (Yeah)
I got some racks, I got tons (Yeah)
I ain't servin' in, boy, yo' sh*t so buns
Stupid ass n*gga got jugged for his funds (Yeah, yeah)
Stupid ass n*gga got jugged for his coin (f*ck, sh*t)
I-I see a opp, one, two, gotta ploy
I'm-I'm makin' racks in a clutch, you employed
Playin'-Playin' around with artillery toys
Shawty in the back, she said, "Oh boy"
These-These n*ggas cap, they mad at me, boy
Ball-Ball on you n*ggas, I need to score (What?)
Don't hit me up lil' bro, you poor
These n*ggas sad, haha, they sore (Ayy)
Mister Zen, I'm juggin' galore (Ayy, yeah, ayy)
Ran this sh*t up then poured me a four
Yo' b*tch, she choosin', she is a whore
I'm with lil' gang, we crushin' the score
Yeah, ha, yeah, oh lord (fuh)
Yo'-Yo' b*tch see me, she adore
You cannot come through this door
I hop in the whip then I floor it
She-She givin' brain, I say, "Oh lord" (Yeah)
They said, "Lil Zen, can you stop?"
Steppin' on necks, it's part of the plot
n*ggas be goofs, n*ggas get blocked
Too many sticks, that ho say, "Blocked"
Phew, phew (Haha)
Phew, phew (Ayy, yeah)
(Haha, ha, ha)
[Verse 2: Okaymar]
Yeah, I'm juggin' yo' sh*t, give me what you got (I need it)
I'm-I'm in that lil' ho with two thots (Woah)
Lil' b*tch on my di*k, what you thought?
Steppin' on necks, it's apart of the plot
The gun on me, boy, like it's COD (COD)
Told Zen, "Stick up, need the rod"
Tell yo' b*tch, "Come hop in the ride" (The ride)
He thought I was sweet and he died (He tried me)
(Ha, ha, what the f*ck?)
I pop me a Perc' and I'm high (I'm high)
I just wanna f*ck so I lied
Off these drugs, don't know how I'm alive
Pass the wood lil' b*tch, yeah, I'm fried
Don't try it, this sh*t on my side
Yeah, don't try it, this sh*t on my side (fuh)
Feel so high, you can tell in my eyes
With the mob, lil' b*tch, got ties
In the lane, can't sit with my guys

[Outro: Okaymar]
Ha, ha
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