The Four Seasons

"Tonite, Tonite"

Tonite, tonite
While I'm walk you so near
Tonite, Tonite
What I give if I could give

Those three little words
That thrill the heart of me
Just whisper I love you
Until eternity

Tonite, tonite
More than any time before
This heart of mine seems
To need you more and more

The touch of you lips
The thrill of your embrace
Keeps saying that no one
Would ever take your place

While looking up above
I wish upon a star
And pray for a blessing from above
Well, if my wish would come true
Until our life is through
I'll let you dear to have to hold
It too long

Tonite, tonite
Never let it reach an end
I miss you so
Until you're in my arms again

With all of my heart
I declare with of my might
I love you forever
As long as I love you

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