The All-American Rejects

"Me Vs. The World"

Hello, hello
From the monkey that is weighing you down
Think I'm hold you back
Because I’m always here
I know, I know when you was empty
Like a fool with a crown
And we were under attack
And you were running scared

Do, re, mi
Far as I can see
You need me just to keep on

It's me versus the world, and I
I don't need a reason to
Look back and feel I’ve wasted my time
Because me and mine, and she and I
Have got a pretty big house
Up in the sky, oh
'Cause there's a war, and I'm
And I'm doing just fine

Every littlе thing that I touch is magic (is magic)
Now I even got my best bad habits
And it's just tragic, I know
I'll walk on thе water, you're caught in the undertow
I shouldn’t say but when I bite my tongue
Teeth start chattering, face gets numb
My body gets stiff and my sh*t gets dumb
Put baby in the corner ’cause he's sucking his thumb
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