I just took a tab with adam sandler lyrics



(Buck! should I get it?)

I just took a tab with adam sandler
Dapped each other up and then told him he didn’t matter
When you play your music can’t hear it over my laughter
No one thinks you’re hard you ain’t listening to the chatter

Stomachs getting thinner but pockets be getting fatter
I don’t follow trends never posted a song on matter
Kirby overpowered i pull up and they scatter
Smoking on a blunt while i’m whipping a land master

I ain’t playing fox tho actually a ness main
Big bong rip then repeat it until chest pain
Feeling like i’m zim but i’m smart as professor membrane
Freestyle sh*t i don’t give f*ck if my pen break

Wait i only leave if i gotta vape i need that nicotine in me to concentrate
Wait you hear my sh*t know i gotta stay kirby2cool motherf*cker i dominate
Wait i’ve seen your name for a lot of days
Don’t click the links cause i know all your songs the same
Wait every day feel like a holiday
I hit the bong until i cannot contemplate

Wait i’m getting bored of that flow
I’m getting bored of my dro
I need some more i’m bout to buy out the store
I need way more than an o look at me go
I’m doing f*cking incredible
Been up so long i thought i had an edible
He said i’m sh*tty the sources ain’t credible
Get out my mentions you look like a federal

I lost my card but still smoking on medical
I do not know you your music ain’t memorable
Nothing that i heard was close to acceptable
Me on the other hand i am exceptional
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