Smacked off some faygo

Poppin', i got brothers, no friends
Geekin’, it's gon' work out in my advance
Strapped up, .32 gon’ make him dance
Leave me alone, i hope you understand
Opps make me, i don't make those
And she gon' give me top when i say so
Pourin' 4s, i be smacked off some faygo
Opps was outside, my lil homie had to lay low

[Verse 1]
I'm up now, i flexed up
They just hit my phone said "MJ you is next up"
He made the right decision not to test us
Dissin on the gram, that done n*gga messed up
Opps put an order in for beef, it came with extra smoke
We is totin' glizzies and you already know
Money building up like its mu'f*cking legos
They only f*ck with me for them mu'f*cking pesos
n*ggas talk the most but they don’t do sh*t
Switched up, thought you was a true friend
My brothers heart cold, they so ruthless
If we thumbin’ through the cheese just know we not losin'
Understand that i’ll pop up and shoot yo mans
Like a diamond, we'll light you up then make you dance
Hurry up (b*tch), i got a low attention span
Run up on you, then we pop you like a xan
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