Best Coast

"For The First Time (Live at World Cafe / 2020)"

[Verse 1]
Trying really hard
I'm trying harder than I ever have before
Used to think that taking care of myself
Would just become a real bore
On Friday nights, I don't spend too much time
Lying on the bathroom floor
Like I used to
The demons deep inside of me
They might have finally been set free

And I guess this is what they mean when they say
People can change
'Cause I finally feel free
I feel like myself again
But for the first time

[Verse 2]
I changed the color of the bеd sheets
Now they are a pretty palе pink
Traded her in for a new girl
And she's looking pretty fine
But sometimes, she don't listen to me
And it makes me wanna lose my mind
Like you used to
I tried to blame it all on you
But I know that I'm to blame too
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