"Bouncin (Alternate Version)"

[Intro: Big Sean & KYLE]
(Hit-Boy on the beat, so b*tch, you gotta go bezerk)
Yeah, ayy
Yeah, ayy
Yeah, ayy
Watch this sh*t

KYLE where you been? We need a slap (Need a slap, yeah)
Oh, my bad I was busy countin' cash (Countin' cash, yeah)
It takes a minute when you suck at math (Damn)
If I knew I'd be rich, I woulda took my ass to class, yeah
If you hear me say it, that's a fact, yeah
n*ggas know your net worth is a cap, yeah (It's a cap)
n*ggas know I'm smashin' it, my new crib immaculate
Yo, I'm so f*ckin' passionate, my new sh*t sound like Passion Pit
I'm so international, bro I got hoes in Pakistan
Just hopped off the flight again
I gotta unpack again
I got Oprah all up in my DM's like, "What's hannenin'?"
I told her what's hannenin', she said she just tappin' in
I don't play for no team, on my own team like I'm motherf*ckin' Kaepernick
Man you n*ggas made me wanna rap again
I don't want no plastic b*tch
If she wasn't with me when a n*gga ate off plastic plates
And had to wear the plastic capes (Woo)
Wear my new chain, that sh*t like a fountain
With hope, I know I can move a mountain
Shout out to my mom and my accountant
Now the checks the only thing that isn't boucin', bouncin', bouncin'
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