[Produced By Hit-Boy & Dot Da Genius]

Normally I’m with my troops
Normally I’m off the juice
Normally I’m blowing strong
Normally I’m in my zone
Normally she rocking heels
Night is right, she off a pill
Normally I’m with my clique
Normally we with the sh*ts

[Verse 1: Price]
It’s Price ho, get to acting up
You got ass? Back it up
I been in the trenches, stacking up
Can’t go back to that Acura
Even then I was accurate, it was cake that I had to get
Went to work like a Spanish kid
Had to fire the management, lit up the cannabis
Then I got on that organic sh*t
Can I get a witness? Can I get a witness?
Running up a check now, financial natural fitness
Keep b*tches out your business, keep a woman by your side
Don’t mistake the two cause if you break the rules you could lose your life
And that’s the reason why


[Verse 2: Oktane]
Look at boy we got it now
You know the name get around
Normally she ain’t going down and normally I ain’t in town
She don’t really take them pics, too much tree can’t take a zip
You taking notes, I take a trip
She moving like she used to strip
Don’t stop, pop that, pop that
It’s your pus*y, you can do what you want
If you don’t drop that, drop that
It’s somebody that’ll do what you won’t
Cause you know that normally I’m tryna smoke
You know that, normally she down to roll
You know that normally I picture something freaky
And normally she down to go, hahh


Normally I’m in my damn vibe
Normally I got my hands high
Normally I never say sh*t
Normally ain’t with the fake sh*t
Normally I love a party
Normally I got to party
Normally I’m never basic
Normally I let the bass hit [x9]

[Cypher : BMac The Queen]
BMac The Queen
And I'm just, livin my life like it's golden
I'm holdin, and so are the soldiers I roll with
We deep as the ocean, we're thinkers, we glowin and shining
It's timing, I promised my momma that ima get mine
Oh my god it's aligned
In my prime, no PHD
South central that's on me (on me)
With honors, I studied the scholars, I'm dominant
I played my roll never needed a scholarship
Asking me questions like who am I signing with
I just be quiet, I kill em with silence
I been a provider, they tryna divide us
They give us the L but I'm taking the opposite
Smokin a L just to fill up my vibes and sh*t
Put on my coat then it's back to them dollars bills
Stayin afloat, I don't need your acknowledgement
Y'all know what time it is
And if you don't hit the reset button on the clock yo b*tch

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