Notions of Delusion lyrics



Keep it to myself, never speak with the help
Freak the sh*t til it melts
Liquid hits, how it felt
When it drips off the shelf
Turn it out, watch it burn
Print it out, til they learn
Not to f*ck with the sick
Slice them guts with my stick
Fill the empty head with worms
Never said I was concerned
"In The Cuts" like a thief with too much sh*t to keep
No one plays from the peats to the waste, never sleep
Anticipate everything, patiently wait for destiny
Make my escape and never see a petty thing cross my path on the Ave
No more first, no more last
When the worst becomes the best
Curse the end up of ashes floating down the dirty river
My world is made of magic music mastered on a mixer

[Swank Daddy]
Sway to the left, sway to the right
Sway til your ass run out of life
Once in a lifetime, don't look down
From paycheck to paycheck, how that sh*t sound?
There's no way around all them spirits on the ground
Them bodies in the air, them colors in the sounds
The smells in the picture, the space in our mouths
Lickin shots is what the f*ck I am
Lickin shots, hit every weak man
Once in a lifetime, decibels; turn it up til you wither
Here's your motherf*cking n*gga
It starts from right here cus I said so
From the mark you feeled in my battle wall, psycho
Downward, we held ancient structures in our hands
Red feet, no conscience, all have no plans
Size it up for the luck
Lick lick lick lick lick lickin shots, yes I am
Lickin shots down the right of way
Don't come walking on this land
Once in a lifetime, there's resin in our chest
Once in a lifetime is when we plan on meeting death
(x2) Death to these eyes, death to this flesh
[Young G]
Celebrity celebrity, I watch you on TV
You have more possessions, you look down on me
You think your fancy clothes inspire jealousy
But living becomes bragging, and bragging is stupidity
So now I watch a nation entranced by your actions
Technology runs rampant, it's the perfect distraction
So people watch Hollywood to see the styles and mimic it
Tell me how it feels to be adored by idiots
Television reigns, hail to the King
And bow down on your couch to commercials in between
The parade of the young, firm and slender
All in doubt with plenty to tend to
You only drive the newest cars, you only frequent hotspots
You only wear clothes priced ridiculous markups
Wear a nice suit, tell a couple lies
Put a diamond in your ear to disguise your weak eyes
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