Gallactica lyrics



Porno music, mirror walls
Horny movements in their draws
Bending over, breaking laws
Never sober, take me raw
Getting closer, make me fall
Heavy boulder shake hairy balls
Dangling above your chest
Baby me, my love is flex
Maybe we should have sex
Crazily dripping wet
Legs spreading, we just met
Lady, are you ready for disrespect?
Prepare to behead me, get two lips set
Taste my deadly vicious pet
Make em empty, lend your sweat
My favorite Betty in the West

[Young G]
Bris to bris sentiments of bliss swish differently
Through unwittingly, syllables or symbols
Fittingly stashed away on paper
Take an idea to make the sound that shakes vertebrae to inner quakes
Blaze alone, mind blown, ozone's burned to tone
Eyes glowing, no one showing what the f*ck they're really knowing that is stolen
Thank you
Thank you)

Some of us was born to live the raw route
Coming up, been warned about the law of mouth
Riders pump their heart until they're sold out
Hit the road, reload back at our dark house
Kiss the souls evolve, and keep it raining
Riding on love, hydroplaning
Over the words and faces we playing
Never a way to cancel the station
Deep in my belly where my money's created
I saddle my Chevy until there's no way to take it
It's made it a lifetime and found a few paces
Can't see a thing that I'd like to age with
Why have your wedding, for me to make this
World be all naked, burn up the basics
Say it's so sacred, then watch it break us to corners of nothing
Never to wake up, fall in it, then bluffing
Hell bother greatest love without instructions
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