Mushrooms lyrics




I'm on a path of petty perfection
People playing particular sections
Practice introversion is sweating
So circular it's disconnection
So bizarre, it's protection
Don't know who we are, we're just guessing
Started praying, got tired of oppression
Opened the closet, released my affection
Always stands too far for correction
And the best motherf*cking thang, ain't even said it
So leave your life and go learn some lessons, haha…

(And them and that othеr type sh*t come in, it's time for confеssions
Wait for that motherf*cking beat
Oh… uhh… ha, ahh, ha... yeah…
YOU KNOW IT'S GOING DOWN!!!! *mic crackling*
Listen, hey!)

Aye, where the booty at? I'm looking and I'm running naked, Brooklyn on me, Cali and I'm looking for something up the alley, in spite of
Got my name and I'm running on the flame, think I'm insane to the boney
And I can't find my brain cus I'm yawning, looking at the sky for correction
I'm looking down and I think it's permanent, under erection
This cool and this sh*t is ghost
She know my name, and she can't sing my song
Don't know the words, and everything feel like it's wrong
But it's alright, but it's alright
[Young G]
So I'm flipping over Rider beats, tripping off the Prada sheets
Dipping so we finally meet, sipping psychopsily treats
Daytime, engineer until I'm violent tearing out the kind of state of rogue mind
Gyrators stoned behind
On the axe, sonar grind
Melding ideas be attached, hit you in your mental like a full flash
Pull fast moves, and make slow mistakes
Roll past clues, and shake yo restraints
That' how it goes in the solar
Money and power can only get you so far
So I lost the rip, but I keep spitting, you know
It's the freestyle
No forgetting when it's off the top, cus it come from the soul
I use my tongue and my lung and it goes to the tape roll
Full tracks, how we do it like that?
Chilling on the underground, rolling in Sac
Rolling fat indo, Mexicali slims
Can't see me cus I'm always smoking them
Caught in a haze and amazed off the blaze so I'm out the sh*t
Like the… last craze

We need, lots, of weed
Caught, f*ck me
Stop, down the road
In the dark, found some gold
In the park, had to reload
And spark, one more
Before we got there, the store, was high where
The shore sold hard air
We stole your blonde hair, and rode all the way South
Past those, rainbow trout
1, 2, to feel it!
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