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Enter cere-bre-al, everything you need to know
Please don't go, I'll see you, no, we got to leave me
Belong at ease, my throne at ease, I'm blown like baby, geez
And on the grease, infiltrate our enemies
Death to he who severs me from destiny electrically
Dissecting me under the knife, becoming light as feathers be
The leather be to ice, and creep up telepathy
Never me, will be nice just to see them step on me
Nothing street but advice come to me for everything
But anything, forever be to freedom, meet expectancy
A heavenly directory connecting me to ecstasy
Eccentrically correcting me but mentally, not sexually
Accepting what we left of me, correcting and perfecting me
By sensoring the depths of me with everything I'm meant to be

[Young G]
An ananda in genesis
Mystery in his realysis
History tells us this, now you believe in this
Fear fork is easy, this physical reality is shaped to this
Natural world is constant as perception, infections of defections
From Fyre camp sections, moves undetected
Through selected kills and motives
How we showed us…
I head to the streets on a little hope
From my bed to the breed in a cloud of smoke
In a world for the weak and the okie dokes
Got it now for the Jeep, not to hunt in spokes
Love to see em on the block but I gotta go
I found my love in the land of the stereo
From the depths of the search of my simple soul
I got a Jones for the picture, we can never know
Only way to live is to love like a river flow
They in and out of mine, born to see the glitter fold
And it's for now we say, I'll let the liquor roll
Now pass an avenue so slow I know what's after you
With colder blood, the path that you been known to love, a factory under this thing
So many say, where love's a dream
I guess these eyes aren't everything, or anything of a kind in the scenes we find
I'd rather kill the lights, and pop the wine
Dream of my contraband, cus I'll be alone
I know this world ain't mine, and sh*t, I'm far from home
I've heard this place ain't for being grown
So every rider, tap into his motherf*cking zone
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