Charles Bukowski

"Trading Insults (Live)"

now i've been reading for two hours and forty-five minutes
wait, uh don't go yet
(audience member yelling)
who's mr. bukowski, where is he?
oh, question?
watch this, third question
(audience yelling)
go on reading?
(audience yelling)
yeah, what about the frozen man?
i can't quite hear you
(audience member yelling)
not you!
i thought you went home to your mother!
wait, wait
now, oh what the hell
drunks on the side
the frozen man was just frozen, that's all
(audience yelling)
write me a letter
(woman yelling)
(audience continues yelling)
[?] help me!

why am i a frozen man?
i had too many drinks with ice cubes in them
okay, lets go
you're talking more than i am
i'm supposed to be the one
not you
i did not pay to come and see you
i was gonna say, all those who think they didn't get a good deal
go to the corner and get your money back
there's be too many crushed bodies
(audience mumbling)
you germans are too tough for me, i'm gonna...
(man speaking german)
oh, [?] you motherf*ck

footnote upon the construction of the masses
some people are young and nothing else
and some people are old and nothing else
and some people are in between
and just in between
and if the flies wore clothes on their backs
and all the buildings burned in golden fire
if heaven shook like a belly dancer and all the atom bombs began to cry
some people would be young and nothing else
and some people old and nothing else
and the rest would be the same
the rest would be the same
the few who are different, are eliminated quickly enough
by the police, by their mothers, their brothers, others
by themselves
all that's left is what you see
it's hard

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